About Bendie Yoga

After having worked for 30 years as technician and site manager in the industry, I realized that life has more to offer if you are open to receiving new input. Many years prior to that I had landed on a yoga mat and learned that changes start from within.

The choice of leaving the industry behind has lead me to the boundaries of my comfort zone and even now sometimes I doubt the decision I made earlier. My idea that life is synonymous for change and movement has made me more aware of the magic we call life and brings loads of new insights. You can only regret the steps you did not take, and therefore I do not allow doubt to knock me out of center anymore.


At Bendie Yoga you will not find any flying carpets.
Neither will you find woolen socks or red dots between eyebrows. Here you will find Dutch objectiveness with a hint of eastern mysticism. Here you will find ordinary people being just as human as you are. Here you will find people who wish to be aware when dealing with themselves and others, and are open to movement and change.

Here you enter to discover the profit from breathing consciously whilst moving. To look ahead and to learn from the past instead of holding on to what feels so known and secure. Here you arrive to move in your body and your perception. Here you celebrate life and play with each other. Here you teach your muscles to work together, making more possible with less efforts.