How would you feel if you were able to create space inside yourself and to witness more power and flexibility to enter your body and mind? Millions of people worldwide preceded and discovered through the practice of yoga how easy that can be.

Bendie Yoga is like a playground for adults and will guide you on an exploratory tour through your body and mind. Without the need to make a carpet fly or to wear a red dot on your forehead, you too can experience the blissful feeling of stepping out the every day life and to halt for a moment observing the limitless possibilities life has to offer you.

At Bendie Yoga you will be informed about the different aspects of yoga in a clear and understandable manner. When you start to understand and use these recommendations whilst practicing, you will experience what happens inside your body when you move. Gradually you then will notice a shift in your way of thinking and acting when you practice more regularly.

The content on this website is mainly in Dutch, however classes are available in English. Should you wish to contact me for enquiries, please send me an Email.

At Bendie Yoga you will find the following kinds of yoga:

  • Acroyoga
  • Power vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha-anusara yoga

Private or business, at Bendie Yoga we cater to your needs:

  • Bendie on the construction site
  • AcroYoga as teambuilding
  • Companyyoga
  • Private- or group classes
  • Workshops for all ages
  • Kids- or bachelor party or group outing
  • Demonstration or animation

For a full relaxtion, at Bendie yoga you can choose:

  • Thai Yoga massage
  • Flying massage
Standard classes in my studio in Leeuwarden,  the Netherlands. I offer the possibility to teach any class on a location at your choice.
For a “Down to earth” approach, filled with insights out of yoga and humor out of life, Bendie Yoga makes sure everyone leaves with a smile.