Art of Movement weekend workshop Leeuwarden

Bendie Yoga Proudly presents

Art of Movement

AcroYoga Montreal style and Movement Workshop Weekend

Leeuwarden, Friesland (NL) March 9 & 10 2019
2 days of each 6 hours, filled with action and inspiration.

We would like to invite you to:

A two days intensive AcroYoga workshop based on perspectives of Understanding, Feeling, Flowing, Moving, Partnering and Dance;

Learn how to improve your understanding of the principles of balance in static poses versus motion: alone & together;

Discover how to apply those principles on different aspects of AcroYoga and Movement: trust & grounding in the unknown;

Understand how to use grounding within different range of speed: slow and controlled versus fast and furious;

Unfold possibilities of adaptation vs resistance, through creativity: explore how to change your own strategy & to switch roles;

Learn how to create a flow – and develop your own.

During this weekend you will be able to learn:

Monolimb postures;

Static and dynamic supported handstands;

Different AcroYoga moves, invented by Saar and Ruslan;

Acrobatic alignment vs dance movement;

Coordination and precision in slow motions and fast jumps;

L-Base, Standing-Base, Belly-Base;

Body consciousness: how to be a healthy acrobat and still have fun;

…and much more!

Level Description (prerequisites)

The whole weekend is building-up in a progression, focusing on the understanding of bio-mechanics of your body and the body of your partner. To accomplish this we will be using different techniques, drills, acrobatics & movement. This intensive weekend is meant for people with the below mentioned levels.

‘Beginner plus’ to ‘Elementary’. You know and practice postures and moves such as:
a stable Shoulder stand, a stable Star hold, you have a certain knowledge of Side Star holds and some movements, Supported/Against the wall Handstand. *** ALL of these as a Base and/or a Flyer ***

‘Intermediate’ to ‘advanced’. You know and practice postures and moves such as: a stable Side Star Hold min. 30 seconds, Ninja Star 3 stable rounds, a stable Free Shoulder stand hold on Hands min. 30 seconds, a stable Free Star hold min. 30 seconds, Tuck sit hold min. 10 seconds, supported/Against the wall Handstand hold min. 40 seconds. *** MOST of these as a Base and/or a Flyer. ***

The teachers

Ruslan and Saar have a theatrical fire performance background and are encouraging, technical and creative AcroYoga explorers.

Both are certified by AcroYoga Montreal and You might already know them, since they are the organizers of the Belgium KULA festival, teachers and organizers of AcroYoga Montreal Immersion in Antwerp and well-known acrobatic fire performers.

Their unique style is based on many disciplines (yoga, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, movement, etc). Their style is strengthened by their ongoing deep and critical research, which is tested through years of experience and continuous adaptation. Bendie Yoga is honoured to have them here in Leeuwarden, since they are two of the leading figures of the Belgium AcroYoga scene.

For more information about the teachers, please check the links below:

Website AcroContactYoga
Website MovingFireArts
Art of Movement trailer
AcroYoga video with Saar and Ruslan
Video Dreamwalk Washing machine
The Unity Flow video, 1st presentation

The Organizer

Bendie Yoga is a Leeuwarden based yoga and AcroYoga school. Bart first got in touch with yoga in 2001 and with AcroYoga in 2008. After some travelling around the globe, Bart got his yoga teacher training and did a 200 hr Thai-massage training in Laos in 2014. He now teaches weekly Acro and yoga classes and is introducing his passion for the playground to the people of Friesland.

Bart looks forward to welcome you in his hometown and can, on request, show you around in the European capital of culture of 2018.

Should you need more information or have some remaining questions regarding this workshop, please send us your email.

Since office work is done twice a week, please allow 3-4 days’ time for reply.

The venue

Sportscentre de Leeuw is a martial arts studio in the beautiful city centre of Leeuwarden. The 130M2 floor is covered with tatami mats, so safety and softness are taken care of. The adress is Oostergrachtswal 123, 8921 AC Leeuwarden.

If you come by car, set your navigation to the parking area at the back side of the studio.

Nearby you will find the old city jail, de blokhuispoort, which recently has been renovated into a beautiful building containing many little boutiques, some fine restaurants and a hostel. Alibi hostel lets you sleep in a former jail starting from 20 euro a night.

Coffee and tea are served during the lunch break and upon arrival. Lunch can be found in several restaurants nearby and within 10 minutes walking distance Spar and Ekoplaza supermarkets can be found as well.

The venue can be reached easily by train. The station is about 10 minutes walking distance away. Parking spaces are plentiful next to the venue, and although the parking prices are quite friendly, walking to a free parking area is never more than about 10 minutes.

The program


Arrival                               10:00-10:30
Morning Session         10:30-13:30
Lunch break                   13:30-15:00
Afternoon session      15:00-18:00


Arrival                               10:00-10:30
Morning Session         10:30-13:30
Lunch break                   13:30-15:00
Afternoon session      15:00-18:00

The prices

In this section you choose:

Whether you come alone or together
Whether you join Saturday, Sunday or both days
Whether you register and pay early or later

Nr of persons  Nr of days      Early/Late       Price/person         Total Price

2 persons         Two days        Early bird        100 Euro                    200 Euro
2 persons         Two days        Late bird         115 Euro                     230 Euro
2 persons         One day          Early bird        65 Euro                       130 Euro
2 persons         One day          Late bird         70 Euro                       140 Euro

1 person           Two days        Early bird        110 Euro                     110 Euro
1 person           Two days        Late bird         125 Euro                     125 Euro
1 person           One day          Early bird        70 Euro                       70 Euro
1 person           One day          Late bird         75 Euro                       75 Euro

Food and accommodation are not included in the workshop.

The payment and cancellation policy

Payment to bank account number NL63 INGB 0008 1208 90 registered to DIEBEN t.t.
Please mention “Art of Movement” and your name in the subject line of the bank transfer.
If you have chosen the early bird discount, please make sure your payment is received by us before 02-02-2019.

Administrative costs of cancelling per order are 20 Euro.
After the deduction of the administrative costs of cancellation, the refunding is as follows:
Cancellation before 23-2-2019 will give a 50% refund of the remaining amount.
Cancellation before 09-2-2019 will give a 100% refund of the remaining amount.

Your participation in the workshop is confirmed to you, once the registration and your payment have been received.

If you transfer your ticket to another person, it will be valid only, if this has been communicated by sending an email, stating your name and the contact details of the new participant.


Don’t wait too long since spots are limited, and immerse with us into a creative process!

With love and sunshine.

Saar Wouters, Ruslan North and Bart Bendie.