Presents or Presence?

Presents or Presence? What do you give?

It is that time of the year again. The moment that well-designed marketing strategies tell me, I should give something to my friends and family.
So I can choose to either give presents or presence.

If I choose to give presents, also known as a gift in wrapping paper, then I need to invest time to make money to buy these presents. I hope my present is well received and the receiver will feel how hard I worked for it to show them how much I care. If, after a while, the present breaks or becomes outdated, it might be thrown away and so the effort I have invested will go to waste.

If I choose to give presence, also known as really being present in the current moment, then I need to invest time to spend face to face with the receiver. I hope that the receiver likes to connect with me, so we can share stories and emotions. If, after a while, the remembrance of our meeting fades away, still subconsciously the connection remains.

Undivided attention is a valuable but underestimated commodity. Whether to invest in a new gadget or to invest in getting to know a person in real life should be a conscious decision, since time can only be spend once.

The gift of being present does not fill up storage facilities and relaxes your mind. So if you want to give a really valuable present, then please give your presence.